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Factory live at the Del Mar  Skatepark, 1986. Photo: O.

Based in Los Angeles, FACTORY were together for less than 3 years, from 1985 to 1987. They were considered industrial noise, or, just noise at times, and were known for playing in unique locations — including an abandoned loading dock where the LA Times building now sits. They often hauled a truckload of metal objects to shows — in addition to their traditional guitar (REX MOCK), drum kit (DAVE WILLIAMS) and bass (ANDY JENKINS). It was not rare to see the Factory members fall into extended improve jams, and end performances pounding out raw rhythms and noise from a discarded pile of air ducts, car bumpers and pipes, often, joined by audience members.

They were tossed from the infamous LA punk venue, the Anti Club, mid-performance for lighting the stage on fire with errant sparks from a buzz saw. Later that year, a gig on the rooftop of a 5-story abandoned downtown warehouse, was raided by the L.A.P.D. 


There are only five Factory recordings on vinyl; a 7" inch with blank labels, that featured "Rat Inside My Head," "Electric Buffalo,"and "Tracks," in addition, two songs "Carnivore" and "Vapor Lock," were also recorded for a 12" vinyl compilation record, Awaken. And, from what I hear, there are also a few cassette tapes floating around as well.

-Carl Sanger

Rat Inside My HeadFactory
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Electric BuffaloFactory
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Los Angeles, 1987, at what may have been their final show together.
(left to right) Andy Jenkins, Dave Williams, Wrex Mock.

"just a bunch of damn noise. turn it down."

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