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>> I'm out for a couple days to celebrate T-Day wit family and friends in Sacto. While I'm there I will prowl the streets, slapping curbs and hunting for Sam Cunningham and Rick Windsor. See you next week.


>> Mel Bend is finishing up an original, one page Wrench Pilot (#25) for an upcoming Lakai catalog. They may post it on their site soon. Thanks go out to Andy Mueller and Kelly Bird. Lettus lives!

>> Here's a good way to keep your ego in check. You start a website based on you — but sort of disguise that a bit by inviting other people to contribute — then have a 3rd party keep track of your web stats and, finally, log on and check them out every other day or so.

Noooow, let's say
News Today (like they really need that little link I just threw them) mentions your site on a Thursday and your stats spike at three times above normal. Then, by Friday, it's down to half of what you concider "normal." Happy reality trip Mr. Art Guy!

Or, just start racing motocross and get your ass spanked every weekend in the beginner class.

>> The word "blog" is just lame. Blogger is even worse.


>> A 10th and an 8th for 9th overall yesterday. Highlights? 1) I holeshot the first moto, then faded to 10th rather quickly. 2) There's are three women in my class who are all very competitive. One is always yelling at me when I'm in front of her. I don't cut her any slack — it's a race for chistsake — so she's yelling "Oh, come on!!" as I run her wide in the corners. Road rage on the track? One more race this year. Glen Helen.

>> I liked Blur before Graham left.

>> This has nothing to do with the statement above. It is meant to be a generalization: Don't be shocked. Ever.

>> Do you watch TV? I mean, regular, everyday people TV? Sitcoms, dramas, docu-dramas, Barbara Walter's interviews, 48 hours — that stuff? Or how about so-called reality TV?

Wow. That shit is funny and depressing. How does the saying go? Kill Your TV? Yeah, that's it. But that won't do any good, really... you get emails, right? How many of them are legit, from friends, or in regards to your work?

I thought so.

Have you surfed the web lately? I'm sure you have.

Don't be shocked. Ever.


>> Check it out. I love Gary Baseman's work.


>> If you haven't heard about the Upper Playground "Dithers" DVD, you should give it a look. Literally. You'll be looking into the studios and lives of 21 different artists — from graffiti writers, to painters, to graphic designers. A pretty wide spectrum of people from fairly similar worlds. Here's the list of folks, I'm sure you'll recognize a few:

Bigfoot, Sam Flores, Kevin Lyons, Bryan Flynn, Jeremy Fish, Stash, Giant, David Choe, Albert Reyes, Tiffany Bozic, Rich Jacobs, Ricky Powell, Joe Jackson, Andy Jenkins, Andy Mueller, Andy Howell, Shepard Fairey, David Kinsey, Gray, Dug One and Zephyr.

The project was directed by Reid van Renesse, who also shot and edited most of the DVD. He's good at what he does. It's intriguing and varied enough from bio to bio to keep you watching. There's also a bonus DVD of Ricky Powell and his, ah, life, work and trippy cat.

You can now buy the DVD for $30 directly from
Upper Playground online store. Props to Reid and a big thanks to Matt Rivelli for backing this thing and asking me to be part of it.


>> Shit. I'm sorry. I forgot that Guided By Voices was the best band in the world. If they were beautiful, hip, young kids, they would be an omnipresent worldwide phenomenon.

God bless marketing, cool hunting and MTV.

(Thanks for the ticket stub, Justin Goetz)

>> Don't be scared.

>> The Art Prostitute crew, traveling the country in a loaner Scion (yes, from Toyota, no less), dropped off issue #3 and it is impressive — the book, not the car. A 8.5" square box with the book (collect all four unique covers — one from each featured artist), four posters (again, from the four featured) and bonus random postcards. This issues heavies are Dave Kinsey and Angela Boatwright, with whom we are all becoming rather familiar, but there are two up-and-comers in here who add fresh air to the issue; Matt Owens and Rik Catlow (a Diurnal Drawing contributor). Altogether inspirational stuff. It's impressive how these young Art Hooker men manage to create this gem of fourcolor lithography without more than 3 pages of advertising. Jut how they do this is beyond me, but Bend recommends their creation, Check their site to find out how to get it.


>> Documentary on the history, present day and future of BMX is in the works over at Big Bang Pictures. Thanks to Kim at DC for the tip. Caution: the Quicktime file is 24megs.


>> All kinds of coffee needed today. Larson is brewing some right now. Thank you, Larson.

>> And I want to say a quick Happy birthday to my good friend, Megan Baltimore.

>> Ever heard of Art Prostitute? Yes, the art mag from Denton, Texas. Well, they are headed over here tomorrow to do a story on the Art Dump. More coffee, please, there is never time for philosophical discussion.

>> Still no gallery. But, remember the Diurnals? Round 3 will start soon, promise.


>> Rode moto with Steve Caballero and Salman Agah (among others) this weekend at Starwest. Strange and cool thing motocrossing with pro skaters. One thing I can say is these guys know their shit on the dirt too. The ride was part of a mini-tour Cab cooked up called Skatercross. Fun, fun day. Thanks for the hook-up, Steve.

>> Paintings are not up yet. Busy riding motorcycle.

>> More and more artists and graphic designers — creative types — have been coming out to me and admitting they ride dirt bikes. I'm going to start a club... the Mac Mulisha (Eric Anthony came up with that one). Here's my short list.

Geoff McFetridge (Champion)
Jared Eberhardt (Blower)
Scott Hultgren (Angry Associates)
Sergio Castaneda (Angry Associates)
Bill Bryant (Universal)
Dustin Beaty (Anthem)
Megan Baltimore (Ruby)
Jeremy Carnahan (Royal Truck Co)

I know there are more of you... come on. Who else out there is game?

While I'm at it, I want to say good luck to my friend and fellow rider,
Bill Bryant, of Universal MX. He's an Army reservist who served in Desert Storn years ago as a Marine tank captain and is due to ship off to Iraq once again. Be safe and come back soon, Bill, I owe you a face full of dirt.


>> I'm working on getting my paintings all up in the new Bend Gallery. I guess it'll be split up by "archive" and "available for purchase." It should be up by Monday. Work is also being done on an all-new Ruby Republic site that'll be up before the X-mas holidays. Maybe. Big plans for Ruby, B-Team member, Megan Baltimore's project. There's also an Art Dump site coming in January.

>> Lettus Bee is being revived for an upcoming Lakai catalog. Thanks to Lakai AD, Andy Mueller, Mel Bend's Wrench Pilot will take another breath.

Speaking of Wrench Pilot, the first issue of
Bail magazine had an ad in it featuring our man, Lettus Bee. Without permission. I'd never heard of the company, so on behalf of Mr. Bend (who does embroil himself in such things) I contacted the perpetrators. Turns out they were huge Wrench Pilot fans and felt totally bad about the nick. Then they sent a great care package of CDs. Well, turns out the guys are pretty cool and the music is great. So, go check out Initial Records. Black Cross and Criteria are my favorites. Funny how shit happens.

>> Quick paragraph on what I've been up to since I ditched Bend : I did a poster for the current issue of Monster Children, a fantastic pop-culture mag out of Australia : Designed a panel for a 686 snowboard jacket : In the process of designing a DVS shoe for Girl's Jeron Wilson : Did the Pedrosideways benefit show with the Art Dump in San Pedro : Had a little piece published in the new Little Engines, issue 4 (an excellent literary anthology out of Seattle) : Raced a half a dozen motocross races (got a little write up on the Universal MX site news — scroll down to "Bitten") : Working on a line of collectable toys with Sony Creative in Tokyo called "Vanimals" — check out Dalek's here (one of my illustrator heroes, Gary Baseman did a set as well) : Did my taxes : Contributed to the Fecal Face Low Gallery benefit show in SF : Skated quite a bit with my son : Got my voice back.


>> Starting over here.


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