by Tony Larson

Part 8

Grocery List Things To Do Today Don't forget to Vacuum Call Me Later About Dinner You're Going To Have To Buy Tuna:

Try to keep it together today.
Our son's team is awful and our son is not good.
Camino Ruiz Villa Mesa Traildust El Trabuco Viejo Los fucking I'm sorry our house isn't like the one in the model home you fucking fell in love with.
Ray got a new Suburban.
Barney bought his kid a motorcycle.
The Delaneys are going to buy a condo in Mexico.
They don't have four kids and I never had a trust fund.
Your Mom called; said Christmas we have to pick her up.
Yoga, I heard it helps.
Remember the garage is shit.
Make one of the kid's scoop up the shit and bring it to school.
Advantage: The fleas are out of control.
Karate, Baseball, Football, Soccer. We need uniforms and cleets. TODAY!

Try to keep it together.

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