by Tony Larson

Part 1

Sideyards with bikes and hoses and eucalyptus logs taken from the Zoo because my Gramma was a lifer there. The stucco is cool on my back even though it's rough. They won't find me here.

I got yelled at, so the lizard must die, or the crow or any other unsuspecting thing in this heat.
Lord of the Flies is good and all, but how about this Daisy ten pumper, saving up for the Co2 action with the fifty yard accuracy to take someone the fuck out.
Lord of the Flies didn't have this fort, with the watch tower to see those kooks coming.

It's hot this summer and the sage is like a friend, along with the rocks and reddish dirt and the fires that might happen if we're not careful.

Don't take your mom's matches!

I didn't!

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