B TEAM MEMBER : Tony Larson

"This is a handshake to seal a deal, a deal to get tickets and cigarettes before you pick me up." —excerpted from "Licorice, Part 1"

Mr. Larson is a bit of an anomoly. A paradox. On one hand, known through the entities which favor his creative endeavors — the Girl Art Dump, Luxuro, B Team, Crownfarmer, to name just a few — and on the other, an elusive musician/painter/brother/son. I've known Tony for at least four years now, and we also have a shared past littered with mutual like-minds, which makes me comfortable around him — as most people are. He has the ability to put people at ease with his quick sense of humor and seemingly self-assured presense. I only say seemingly, because even after knowing him like I do, I don't. Read the small samplings of his work here on Bend and you might get an inkling of what I speak. Mystery. —Andy Jenkins

LICORICE (6/13/03)


©2003 Tony Larson